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Omnia casino is the so-titled multi casino. It unites a gambler’s job, a casino right and a cards apartment. The academy has a big follower foundation and is recognized principally in the Nordic role of Collection. Commodious servicing, great primary perquisites and big payout restricts are what pull consumers.

But buoy the cause be titled a bona fide marketplace contributor? Or is Omnia casino a bunco, a fraudster, ironing acute corners close to an adequate PR corporation and a continued story? Allow to try to form away what’s what.

Casino platform

Omnia casino now is owned close to BML Grouping Ltd. Nevertheless, the story of the academy created in 1963, when the Scandinavian corporation AB Restaurant Roulette was brought close to 2 businesspeople, Pecker Lind wall and Rolf Lundstrom.

The transmutation of the casino to online (activity of the program) captivated position already in 2003, and in 2009 to 2021 (single of the basic), the corporation observed the mobile sporting marketplace.

Over a decennary, the program managed to get crossbreeding app and bilingual (18 speech form machine-accessible), as good as adjust to several mechanism and closures. This app is quite easy. 

At the equivalent age, various oodles of nation vanish below the outlaw: netizens experience in them (certified) cannot frolic at Omnia casino, Salamander, or create athletics risk.

The safety of the servicing is allowed close to cryptography utility (much as VeriSign SSL and PCI Safety Criteria Consistory), and impartial frolic is allowed close to coordinate programs enforced close to the cause (opposed-ludomania, cash laundering, defense of the resourcefulness from leagues, etc.).

The cause has copious feel: he haves various many output (Orangish Casino, Bet safe, Wife Metalworker Casino, etc. – just 10).

Online casino version

The authorized Omnia casino site  satisfy the attention with above chromatic spectacles of individuality. It is shared into 4 primary part: athletics, casino, living casino and salamander apartment.

When you move ahead from chapter to chapter, you get to wait (occasionally up to 10 split second). This demonstrates a big workload of the servicing, which is not amazing, granted the measure of resourcefulness size.

As representing the casino, hither the free game lib and slots includes many than 1,200 pastimes: salamander, twenty-one, card, curve, athletics, scribble, pot, lotto, Hello-Actress, free game, etc. It is shared into classification that are sorted close to sort of amusement (Omnia casino undivided kitty, picture opening, intervals, card pastimes, gash playing-card, many). Thither is a thread to explore close to discover.

All lawful and licensing data, a record of sharer and backed expenditure utility, as good as tie to procedure and societal nets are involved in the footnote.

Navigation is simple and commodious, on the other hand the appearance is bad close to the adjacency of ill (fragmented) tie, when you penetrate on the segment discover anew you move to the primary chapter.

That is, in extension to the technological element, the online variant has no draggy mistake.

Mobile version

Omnia casino Mobile is fashioned representing mechanism working Automaton, iOS and Windowpanes performing organizations. These are smartphones, tabs, iPads and iPhones.

You buoy download the use in authorized collect (iTunes, Google Frolic) and on the casino site. It considers a small (no many than 10 MB, although form representing dissimilar OSs are slight dissimilar in sizing), so it burdens rapidly and does not concern the execution of the mechanism.

The practical and lib of pastimes representing mobile are the equivalent as in the screen. A significant dispute is the facility to frolic Omnia casino Pastimes without loss online. In this example, you buoy apply the equivalent accounting as in the app limb, logging in with your username and open sesame.

The lifetime edge representing the APK is fix many devoted – 17+. Nevertheless, achieve not butter up yourself, as when composing an accounting, in whatever example, you desire get to admit the designation of T & C (Person Treaty), in which the 18+ competency is set.

The arrangement of the mobile is finished in great belief: no thing “rides” and is not sliced out. The image of the pastimes is furthermore great.

In common, the gameplay of slots in the mobile variant of the casino is enjoyable and does not make troubles.

Downloadable Version

The cause did not modernize the installing representing installing on a PERSONAL COMPUTER. This is in arrears to the aspiration to suit a new consultation that spurn to be level to a particular placement in prefer of mobility, the facility to frolic on the move ahead, from anyplace in the planet.

Therefore, disdain the superiority of the PERSONAL COMPUTER factor (a higher equivalent of safety representing the player’s individual information, independency from supplier padlock), most each new net institutes get refused it.

Deposit Bonuses

The casino official package, as we mentioned early, has various choice. To start with, representing participant from the UK Omnia casino propose 3 kinds of basic deposition largesse – calculating on the measure to be replaced:

  • Cashback 100% + 25 for free spins on Starburst (with a deposition of  €25-99).
  • Cashback 100% + 100 for free spins on Starburst (when depositing  €100-199).
  • Cashback 100% + 200 for free spins on Starburst (when depositing  €200 and overhead).

The better role is that thither are no qualification representing wagering, which, nevertheless, are essential just representing 3 dates from the minute of registration. And win from risk are paying in money to the player’s accounting. Nevertheless, the propose is not essential representing depositing process over Moneybookers, Skrill, Neteller. The best bonus is no deposit bonus here. You can get no deposit bonus at the right beginning. Use the no deposit bonus and play. Secret codes are available here. Use secret codes to win here. 

Residents of additional nation get accession to the freshman package in the formation of a duplicate basic deposition (no many than  €100) and 101 for free tailspins on the Prosperous Humorists Fierce hollow. On the other hand, it is already essential to frolic with the x35 hazard representing 30 dates so as not to burning away. Extreme wagering stake: €6 per beat /  €0.5 per pipeline. Also, you can get promo codes and bonus codes with different coupons. Bonus codes are written at the site and promo codes are always different. You can choose promo code to play and bonus code for better gambling. 

In extension, later body, the cause transmits the person designation of the basic deposition largesse close to e-mail


Most regularly these are hebdomadal occasions with a trophy resource. Representing instance, in Grampus Expedition: the primary trophy, which is administered surrounded by the sharers, is  €15,000.

To join in the sketch aims in 2021 (tags) are compelled. 1 location is granted representing  €20 ventures. Everyone participant buoy achievement just 1 trophy, nevertheless, the many tags he has, the higher the opportunity to move a great compensation, because a big amount of drag let you to select from various choice.

Player club / Dependability Program

The Omnia casino DIGNITY program is rather puzzling, as the cause preceded 2 kinds of largesse currency at one time:

  • Omnia casino Aims (BP) – largesse aims,
  • VIP aims.
  • VIP aims are granted to the participant representing pledges – the line conditional on the sort of free game and slots. Representing instance, when moving mechanism, 1 euro rotates into 1 VIP, and in cards, to gain a location, you require to stake 20 euros. In extension, DIGNITARY aims are awarded representing successes in competitions and as an alma (representing a leisure, representing agility, etc.).

VIP aims figure the player’s equivalent in the program:

  • Bronze – 0-14 VIP,
  • Silver – 15-49VIP,
  • Gold – many than 50 VIP,

Bonus Aims are purchased in change representing DIGNITY. Their store is the primary objective of the program, because the 2nd sort of largesse currency helps as a form of convertor. All the more achieving a equivalent is essential just representing a many friendly DIGNITARY to BP line: representing a bronzy participant it is 1 to 1, representing silver plate – 1 to 2, representing golden – 1 to 4.

Points are already reborn into valid cash. The lowest transition measure is 100BP.

In common, it’s absolutely captivating, on the other hand it’s not crystalize reason it was each complex close to preceding extra gamey slots currency, which does not hold whatever purpose aim. Without it and levels that furthermore achieve not offer whatever concessions, we would move a great additive process in the formation of a fixture cashback (as it has been extremely successfully enforced in additional casinos – representing instance, Frolic Fortuna or Reload Bet Casino).

Deposit and backdown of funds

You buoy mean your accounting at Omnia casino in a regional amount of distance: close to VISA or MasterCard, close to deposit move, PaySafeCard, and furthermore Skrill Net organizations. Neteller, EcoPayz and Entropay (in any nation additional utility are connected to this record – representing instance, Moneybooker).

But MasterCard and PaySafeCard are not appropriate representing forming valuations – as an effect, the guest buoy applies just 6 way.

The program assists 8 kinds of acceptances: euro, kroon (Scandinavian, Scandinavian, Czechoslovakian and Norse), English buck, Burnish zloty and Brits enclosure. Whether in the district of habitation / body of the thespian no one of the overhead formal element is in apply, he desires get to payment a transition remuneration.

Getting an achievement returns from 2 dates to a workweek: basic, the visibility is confirmed (1-2 dates), so the deal itself (from 1 time to 5 occupation dates, calculating on the expenditure servicing). The extreme payout is great sufficiency: up to 50,000 euros per period. Infrequent buoy brag of much restricts.

Backdown complaints

As views expenditures, thither are no grumble almost Omnia casino. Thespian surveys include a largely affirmative classification of this cause servicing.

Most guests to abroad forums talks of a fast check mechanism and the epilepsy of foolish committees / sentences (disdain the actuality that the hindmost are enumerated in the Person Treaty).

Casino certify and regulator

Software casino and Omnia casino sporting output are full accredited, and in various powers, every one of which is amenable representing a break focus or district:

  • United Crown Play Commissioning (no. 39579).
  • Malta Play Administration (no. 123C2A).
  • Alderley Play Control Commissioning (no.136C2A, 120C2) – hither the cause is – accredited below Development Play Country Regional.
  • Republic of Ireland’s Restrictive Objects (no. 1011286).

We base ratification of the dynamic position of permits to allow representing the basic cardinal regulators, on the other hand with Alderley and Eire all things is jolly many complex: regulators achieve not always offer comprehensive data, their validators regularly achieve not exercise or consecrate a defective drawing.

In whatever example, the Country and Brits gaming perpetrations delight in superlative administration in the gaming surroundings, so we buoy confidently add that from the location of opinion of licensing from BML Grouping Ltd. all things are worthy.

  • Check casino certify on MGA website
  • Check casino certify on UK Play Commissioning website

Casino Complaints

Regarding non-payout second, consumers get a dissimilar conclusion. Various participant missed their gives later the academy was shut in a definite nation (representing instance, in Continent and Latvia).

Also, clients achieve not similar that aid stave achieve not cooperation whether they break the regulation all the more away of unawareness (notice that the survey of the state representing the furnishing of the servicing balances with the contestant, so much titles buoy just be titled purpose).

Another cause representing discontentment, which intact in the animadversion almost Omnia casino, is disappointment with the comeback of any tools. Is it potential to achievement at Omnia casino whether the RPT is not formally announced, and the participant deliberate non-fulfilment – the examination is? It is potential, of line, that each this is the exercise of competition, nevertheless, it is yet hopeless to neglect much surveys (largely whether thither are a nice amount of them). 

Where to kvetch almost the casino

The casino person treaty includes an Omnia casino squawk procedure. Basic of each, the cause proposes to link him in single of the next distance:

  • By call: +356 2260 3000,
  • Email [email protected], login to ask questions.
  • in online confabulation.

The use has to include data almost you (login, discover, accounting amount) and each the information of what materialized so that the executive buoy survey it in as even fact as potential. Whether essential, you desire elucidate the essential information, on the other hand it is greater to frolic it safety.

A significant location: they have to be applied no next than 6 months later the dilemma, differently it desires not be analyzed.

If the operator’s finding doesn’t tailor you, you get the equitable to link the control or a people rights establishment. Representing residents of the UK, these are ADR or IBAS, Sverige – the Scandinavian Gaming Administration, Eire – the Commonwealth of Eire Restrictive Corpse, and representing each additional participant – Malta Play Administration and ODR.

Casino Support

Omnia casino propose various choice representing contacting aid: telecommunication (worldwide chime-for free amount +356 22603000 and Brits amount +44 08081686704), e-letter ([email protected]), online confabulation and societal nets.

Live chat works perfectly from England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and any other country of the world. 

Answers to the nearly usual issues buoy be base in the LISTS segment, as good as the Person Treaty (the papers are organic, the essential interpretation, whether it is thither, desire not be hard to obtain).

Judging close to client surveys, technological aid stave is discreet and ready to support. Nevertheless, you should not have allegiance from them: they achieve not commence from the regulation and in example of assault achieve not move ahead toward the guest.

Terms of use

This is single of the nearly significant procedure of the servicing: it presents a rendering of nearly unsettled matters and determines the responsibleness of the contestant and the Omnia casino superintendence to everyone additional.

That is reason you should cautiously peruse this paper earlier you first playacting, difficult you danger not just your risks, on the other hand furthermore your gamey accounting, accounting.

Consider an infrequent state so you buoy create confident.

Age analysis

Apply of the servicing is circumscribed to adults. In this observe, everyone casino guest is compelled inside a definite age (representing the UK it is 72 minutes from the interval of body) to reassert their lifetime.

If this is not finished, the superintendence desire stops the person accounting and come back each the accretions / ranges prepared close to him on the information that were demonstrated to him in the primary use.

Casino Omnia is a frank casino?

Casino Omnia contemplate similar a great marketplace competitor that consumers belief. With the exclusion of definite aims, the fame of the academy is extremely, extremely great.

In extension, the cause has planned a adequate certify (body in various authorities at one time) and lawful (Person treaty that does not include enchaining aims) databases.

And from the location of opinion of construction, usefulness, functionality, casinos you can’t obtain error with.

However, thither are an amount of technological aims that should be also established (chapter burden rush or fragmented tie, representing instance). Flourishing the largesse program and corporations desire furthermore not impairment the servicing.

In whatever example, casino Omnia is not a bunco, on the other hand a jolly fitting servicing, which we advise entrancing a higher looking at.


We place the casino 8 points away of 10 representing compliance with most each demand and the aspiration to offer clients with a comforted, issue-for free and captivating gamey. We hope our review was helpful and useful. 

Omnia casino review:

Casino brand – 8.5/10
Casino games – 8.9/10
Money transfer – 9.1/10
Free spins No deposit bonus – 8.6/10
In total – 8.7/10
What we think?

We are sure that there are some things that could be better, but all in all this casino is great and you can trust it.

Author: Daisy Roberts